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It might sound funny, but I couldn’t give up meat because I didn’t have time to reflect on why I needed that.


I have been dreaming to stop eating meat for almost 2 years. I was 25 then. 

It was not about becoming vegan but for not feeling guilty to be a reason for animal slaughter. I had a job with a tough schedule, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Although I liked it, I didn’t have time for myself, my dreams, and other things that I simply could not do because of having too many responsibilities. It might sound funny, but I couldn’t give up meat because I didn’t have time to reflect on why I needed that.

It was a very decisive step in my life when I made up my mind to change my career and went to a neighboring country for a master in multimedia journalism.

Back then, I didn’t really know if it was a right decision to give up a well-paid job when everybody around thought, “Why do you need a new degree when you seem to earn enough?”

Nevertheless, I did it.

I was not overloaded, I could do very well at school and spend time with friends as well as take time for my hobbies. I started breathing differently.

The bad thing about having relatively more time was that I sometimes could lose myself because of not knowing what to do. But I gradually understood that it’s not really important to spend your time on something and maybe your time is worth enjoying without any physical and psychological pressure…

During COVID-19 lockdown I started realizing my long-time dream. Since I was very much concerned about food perceiving it negatively (I used to connect it with constant stomach aches,) a light came in to help me realize that food itself will cure me if I follow a very simple diet which definitely seemed hard before. It was all about eating healthy, but only cutting out meat was not enough. I had to give up many other things like soups, burgers, some sweets, etc. Indeed, thanks to a friend, I learned how to eat foods in a certain order so that they are compatible, therefore easily digestible. I had to eat lots of raw foods like fruits and vegetables. In almost a month the whole picture changed and I had many things to celebrate.

I became a different person. I forgot about stomach aches, I forgot about my favorite foods, I forgot about my most favorite ritual – drinking coffee with my mom in the morning, and I’m still feeling positive, thankful and peaceful as I did more than simply giving up meat. Surprisingly I was not fighting against coronavirus but was embracing the time and opportunity that it gave to me…

I believe each of us has the power to make use of any crisis by transforming it into an opportunity. In my case it helped me become more resistant to the virus. At least I feel so.


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Thank you COVID-19.


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