Dear World,

Year 2020 has brought a pause to my life.


Growing up in a family with one sibling and my parents was fun. As a kid I didn't have a say where we went, where we’d stay, what food we would consume, etc. When I grew up and finished my studies, I did my graduation and Post-graduation in Photography where I found my love for travel. Travel on my own, where I choose the place to visit, to stay and to eat. I enjoy that.

Its been 7 years and I am still traveling to various places in the world. I want to continue to explore new places, to be specific, I want to visit Asia. I want to meet different people, share my experiences with them, I want to learn about life while traveling. Travel is the best institution according to me.

Year 2020 has brought a pause to my life. I had made plans to visit Europe, the United States and various other countries, but now I cannot. I am turning 30 this July and I planned my visit to Vietnam for my birthday for at least 15 days. I haven't canceled my ticket as I am hoping that things will fall into place someday soon. I am hoping to visit all 7 continents in this beautiful lifetime.


There Are Six More Continents

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At his core, Balvinder Singh is an artist. Starting out as a travel photographer, Balvinder fell in love with the creative process. He then went to study photography at Jamia Millia Islamia University and founded his own photography company, Balvinder Singh Photography, in 2014. He began taking pictures only for fun, but before he knew it he realised that photography was his true passion. So in 2014 he took this as a full time profession and never looked back. He sees photography as a natural extension of his passion for arts. Balvinder has taken portraits of TV Personalities, models and theatre artists. On the other side he has done various commercial projects like Events for OnePlus and Asus, Jewellery shoot, handicrafts, clothes etc. His work has been published in the International photography magazine named as FotoMgz. He lives in New Delhi, India but his love for travel takes him to different parts of the world for work and leisure.


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