Dear World,

We tend to forget easily and we will forget this period of time.


It is already too late?

The rules of the game have changed and human behavior has modified, forcing people to adapt a new form of social distance. Kisses and hugs mutated and transformed into weapons.

Actually, the Earth doesn’t give a fuck about our bank accounts, our expenses, the new season of your favorite Netflix series or your new silly Instagram challenge…Nature is for sharing…It is wise, pure and humble.

I realize that this moment of crisis is not time for reflection, but for urgent need to act quickly. We tend to forget easily and we will forget this period of time. What can we do now? Exploring a new kind of ecosystem? We need to learn how to be satisfied with what we have, not just in these uncertain times. It has to be our daily routine. It has to be our duty of reshaping our mindsets and take responsibility for our actions.

Nights and days are passing. It is time for another sunset walk and I am waiting for the beginning of the darkness. I don’t trust the future…Why should I trust something that always tries to control my life and affects all the decisions I make. Maybe I am lucky to be locked in a small safe paradise here at Palolem but I am skeptical…I know that luck is for the idiots… A puzzle of sensations and thoughts without common sense, muted echoes in my head.

I know that I need to go back to the land of the cactuses and amazing food. I know that this journey will end and the experience that I have had will be just another remarkable chapter of life. I think that the earth is our abode and we are just passengers, predators and selfish bastards taking the nature for granted. Is it really too late to reimagine our tomorrow?

Just think about it, I will do the same.


This Abyss Urges Us To Action

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