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Sometimes I feel tired, I can't play all day lying on the floor...


Things have changed a lot, and too fast. I have been confused and anxious, I have consumed news in a desperate attempt to understand what was happening. At the phone during the day and on television at night.  Saturating myself with information, about the situation in different countries, the decisions of my government, the social consequences. There were too many questions but the most listened during my quarantine, no journalist asked it, it was my son and it was, are we going to play?

He has not been in the kindergarten during two months, and he is too young to understand what is happening. Although I think that nobody is fully understanding it. For two months he has practically not seen other children, I am worried about how confusing this may be for him. Is school over? Are there no children outside? What is the coronavirus going to cause us? those fears, those questions. I don't want him to be afraid, I don't want him to think that living like this is normal, fear cannot be the new normality. Where should I look for the answers to something that has never happened? but he was not interested in those questions, he asked me if I wanted to play.

Sometimes I feel tired, I can't play all day lying on the floor, making strange voices or imitating animals for a long time, it hurts my throat. But I must play and sing, joy is more than ever an ethical imperative. In those games we evoke the things of the outside world, we come out of the confinement through the imagination.


Let’s Play

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