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To me, this is just another space I yearn to break free from


Every morning, it's the same routine. Going through pictures of my son, as I am confined in this space, separated from him by county lines I can't traverse.

It's been a year since I last saw him. In March, I told him: "Warren, I'm coming to see you. I'll bring you gifts, and I'll walk you to school. I love you so much."

"When are you coming?" He asks every time I talk to him. I can't tell him when, because I, too, don't know.

Confined in this place that I can't call home, because he isn't here with me. To me, this is just another space I yearn to break free from.


I Am Confined, I Need My Son

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About the Photographer: Loves telling stories.

About the Project: “I Need My Son” is a reflection of my fear of losing any of my three children, or spouse. Nancy, my subject, had planned on visiting his son earlier this year, but COVID-19 disrupted those plans. In Kenya, we have a nationwide curfew of 7 p.m., additionally, you can't travel across county lines. This has been the case since mid March.

Nancy isn't certain when she will get to see her son.


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