Dear World,

Last June I was in the hospital and I knew I was dying.


Last June I was in the hospital and I knew I was dying. There was this moment where I thought I was taking my last breaths. As a 25 year old, I simply wasn’t ready. I knew I had to fight with everything I had.

With each inhale like stabbing knives in my chest, I focused on just my breath. I calmed my world down, drowned out the sounds of the hospital and listened to my heart beating. "On the inhale” I would tell myself, and then prepare for the most intense pain of my life.

Fast forward amid the pandemic that has closed the world, as I sat in my immunocompromised bubble I knew I had to do something. It dawned on me that I should be connecting my community rather than wallowing in self pity. Thus my virtual yoga began. My first class we talked about some anxiety and stress, and how to leave it out of the flow. I stepped onto my mat, looked at my toes, then said to my class who were ready to begin, “On the inhale”. I paused for a moment and smiled. For in that second I saw how life comes in circles, but even more how it prepares us.


On The Inhale

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