Dear World,

We were supposed to keep a distance from each other.


 There is hope.

I came across it recently in a delicate moment.

It was drizzling rain and I was waiting for the green-light at the crosswalk.

I didn't have an umbrella. I was close to my destination anyway. I just kept my head down.

"I can cover you," she said. I looked up - a kind stranger offered to shelter me with her umbrella.

She didn't hesitate to offer. She didn't have to help me. Certainly not at a time when we were supposed to keep a distance from each other.

We chatted (with our masks on) as we crossed the road together. We parted ways shortly and wished each other well.

Things haven't been easy lately in Hong Kong, or anywhere at this point.
But that was certainly a precious moment to me.



I Can Cover You

Support this photographer:  Nicola Fan ︎  @nicolafan 


Nicola Fan is a Hong Kong based graphic designer and award-winning filmmaker.


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