Dear World,

37 years later, I am here, while home is there. 


We all long to belong to a place, to a culture, to its people.

In these trying times, humanity has united under the common battle of fear, loss, love, uncertainty, and restrictions of lockdown.

This lockdown has brought us to an eerie stillness giving us space and time to reflect on matters of our outer universe as well as our inner universe. Despite the nurturing of deep connectivity thanks to technology during this lockdown phase, old traumas resurfaced - of separations and journeys to faraway lands. In 1983, as a young adult, I was sent to the US for higher studies with the intention of returning home back to India. And here we are, fast forward 37 years later, I am here, while home is there.

Ironically, my home country’s lockdown policy this past month has closed its border not allowing anyone to enter its land. Each nation rightfully so is protecting the public health and safety of its people.

However, this brings to my mind the possibility of losing a loved one and not being able to see them. I long to see my father, at age 90. The one who sent me to the US is the one who I long to see the most.

My being is in America. While my longing is in India. 


Longing For Home

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