Dear World,

Worrying about the future. I never knew the person I could be, because I was too fearful of fear itself.


Today I worry about my future, I feel doubt about my self importance and worth, I stress about money and fear the impact of this global situation on us all. Then again, in my life I’ve always faced fear.

At the age of 14, I developed depression and anxiety. It crippled me for many years. Like so many crippling illnesses, both physical and mental, I did not know how to progress.

At the age of 18, I started to travel. It was the light at the end of the tunnel. To be surrounded by different cultures and different experiences. To truly emerge yourself in other peoples journeys as you understand their battles as well as your own. Through various trips, there were incredible tales and I learnt many lessons. None more than what fear and feelings can teach us. These emotions are normal, they are part of and heighten the human experience.

The experience to feel, to love, to have hope. It is when faced with fear, that we learn about ourselves. We learn of the inner strength that we have. We learn of our growth and how far we have come. We realise who the ones are that support us. I had to learn this the moment I stepped away from my parents. I had always lived in fear. Those years of depression had stemmed from the unknown. Worrying about the future. I never knew the person I could be, because I was too fearful of fear itself.

It was only once I was faced with it, I found strength in who I was. From jumping out of a plane, to white water rafting, to eating new foods, to sleeping in an empty hotel, to buying that first air ticket. Fear has always been part of the journey.

This is our personal journey. It’s your tale. Every day we wake up and take a step out of bed, we face fear. We face the unknown. Embrace what power that takes on a daily basis. That small step, is the same as jumping off a cliff. Everyday you show the power and courage you have. Life is but preparation for the inevitable. We are promised but one thing. This journey that we are on takes us on an emotional rollercoaster which is all part of that.

Embrace those feelings. Speak about them. In times like these that we are facing, air your feelings out like laundry. Speak about your worries to friends, family or helplines. We all have worries, we all feel fear, the important part is how we face it. Breathe dear world, you have got this.


Fear Is Part Of The Journey

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About the photographer:
Samuel Turrell
Age 30
London, UK


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