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I felt like it was negative and sad, it also reflected one of my greatest fears: being alone, not being loved...


My name is a part of me.

When I born, my parents decided to call me Soledad, which means loneliness in Spanish. I never understood why they chose that name for me.

When I was a kid I never thought about it, but when I became an adolescent I started to have troubles with my name. I felt like it was negative and sad, it also reflected one of my greatest fears: being alone, not being loved, as if one thing had to do with the other, but in adolescence everything is confusing.

So, I started to use the shortened name: Sol which means sun in Spanish, which I felt was bright and happy.

After I finished university, I started to travel a lot, alone, without feeling lonely, connecting with many people on the way. I always liked reunions, parties and sharing with other people, but also I enjoy the long walks by myself discovering new places, dancing alone, standing by myself in front of the ocean, drinking wine and watching movies, enjoying the silence.

And I discovered that Soledad also means solitude, and solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely, it is a positive state where you give yourself space to enjoy, reflect and walk on your one rhythm.

Now I'm in New Zealand, without the possibility of going back to Argentina, my country. But I’m not alone. I have my family, my friends here and around the world, and I have myself.

In this difficult time of physical distance I embrace myself looking forward to can embrace everybody.


Embrace Solitude, Embrace Yourself

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About the videographer:
Ana Soledad Ahumada studied Image and Sound design at Buenos Aires University
and Direction of Photography at SICA. She works as a freelance director, camera operator, editor and cinematographer for several production companies. She has
directed many documentary short films for the Argentinean Agriculture Ministry across the country.

In 2014, Soledad won the Witness contest for Latin-American projects
which allowed her to direct her own documentary called “Eugenio`s Close up” for Al Jazeera International.

The same year, she started the project “Perro Polar” with his brother providing services such as filming, editing, animation, editing, etc.

Soledad has taken part in many social and cultural projects. Since 2016 she attends regularly to the favelas observatory at Mare in Rio de Janeiro, to study and work on strategies regarding topics such as territory, innovation and information and
communication technologies on slums.

Mum, dad, you chose a great name.

Video music: Acacias - Fernando Ahumada


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