Dear World,

Starting all over as a foreigner is not an easy change in life.


My name is Luz, it means “light” in Spanish. I was born and raised in Venezuela but 7 years ago I had to leave my country and I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Like every immigrant, I left looking for better life opportunities. However, there has not been a single day I don´t think about my family. I miss them very much.

Starting all over as a foreigner is not an easy change in life. Just to survive and pay my bills, I ended up doing things that do not necessary fill my spirit or are related to my art.

When Covid-19 hit Argentina everything closed and my boss fired me without even a compensation. This felt very unfair after so many months of hard work. I wanted to fly home to be with my loved ones but the borders are still closed and I get very anxious just by the thought of them getting infected and me not being able to be there! Also I wonder what would happen to myself If I get the virus here? You all must imagine the health care in Latin America is not necessarily ready for this type of pandemic. I have a beautiful pet that helps me to get by. Her name is Galaxia, made of stardust, ¨mi pequeño amorcito¨. She's an amazing quarantine partner.

One day, I was crying in front of my computer and she came close to me, stared at my eyes and did a little tiny dance that made me relieved and present. I´m so thankful for having her in my life, I honestly don't think I could make it without her company. She makes sure I tell myself this too shall pass.

I’ve got to say, I appreciate now the time I got for me. I'm finding new ways to reinvent myself and connect with my intuition and creative impulse. It makes me move forward. I also pray to the universe it keeps us all safe.


Conectando con mi intuición

"Connecting with my intuition"

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