Dear World,

It's been said that a bat is in corona's story, then where is Batman?


"Are you kidding? Cuz it's not funny at all", was the first sentence I said after quarantine was in effect.

I'm an actor, I love performance. I love the moment that the spectators enter the hall and enjoy staring at you. Too much practicing and working, at last I was ready to perform in three active projects. Everything was OK but suddenly three days before my first performance everywhere closed.

First week:
Corona? I hadn't heard it before and I still have no idea about it. Before this period, quarantine was a fiction word which was used in Russian scientific movies but now it has spread all over the world. It's been said that a bat is in corona's story, then where is Batman?

Second week:
It got more serious. Sitting in my bedroom, repeatedly swearing at all the bats and viruses. This damn room seems smaller and colder than it was before. It seems like Batman is stuck in quarantine too.

Third week:
My cousin is a nurse. You can't believe how much you miss a person when you can't see her closely. Generally missing is in parallel relation with banish. Still sitting in my room but now I believed in my cousin more than Batman. Exactly like Estragon and Vladimir in "waiting for Godot". Waiting for nothing. "I must have performing on scene, stupid bat"

Fourth week:
Not seeing the morning. Sleeping till noon. Googling at night. Then where the heck is this Godot? I never thought once I'd say this, but I was fearing that this story would end like Estragon and Vladimir. A choice between hang robe or waiting. My room got even colder than it was before.

Fifth week:
I just realized its already been four weeks that I’m just sitting and keep thinking about theaters that got cancelled. Out of boredom I started to clean up my closet. There I found an instrument which I have never thought of playing. Searching online I found some tutorials and learned how to play simple musics. Later I realized there are several interesting movies that are filled up in my hard disk and haven’t been watched yet. In my book shelf there were several books that I haven’t read - at least seventy. I just realized that I am in the middle of so many things that I need to do.

Everything is beautiful. Reading books in the morning. Watching movies in the noon. Playing music at nights.
Last night I talked with my cousin. She is ok and thanks to Whatsapp video call I could see her. Once when I was playing music my nephew entered my room and enjoyed staring at me. Just like the good old days.

Dear world, I understand what you should do. Just go on. My room is not cold and small anymore and I just wish that Godot came just a little bit later to the meeting…


Waiting for Nothing

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