Dear World,

I will learn to play a song for my husband and my kids.


I bumped into a Ukulele in my son’s room. And, now I am in love with it.

I have never, in my life, thought of learning to play a musical instrument. I have been occupied my whole life taking care of my family, taking care of my husband, taking care of my children. I never had time to stop, and learn to play a musical instrument. But here we are. I’ve been stuck in our home for the past 42 something days due to the corona pandemic. And one of the mornings, as I passed by my son’s room, I bumped into the Ukulele he left on the sofa, and I loved how the strings sounded. Since I finally have some time for myself, I thought why not try learning it.

I began practicing the basic C, G, Am and F chords from my son. But playing a Ukulele has not been as easy as it looked to me. My fingertips have gone sore, and despite practicing for more than a week, I still have not got the tempo right. At times as I practice playing the same song for the hundredth time, I ask myself why bother learning. I am 55, and I don’t see a musical career lining up. But then again, I tell myself, I should continue learning, because I can. And I will learn to play a song for my husband and my kids.


Because I Can

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