Dear World,

But suddenly, the world became totally unpredictable.


The world has never been a peaceful place. Dictatorships, migration, cancer and death have always accompanied us in my family. But suddenly, the world became totally unpredictable.

A global pandemic was declared and the elderly were identified as a risk group and I was 9,000 kilometers from my parents, who are both over sixty years old.

I live in Paraguay and my parents in Spain. The alarm for Covid-19 caught me traveling in Argentina. I spent several days worried about my parent's health and looking for ways to get home. Getting a plane ticket back to Europe was difficult and stressful. The trip a tension odyssey.

Everything got better when I opened the front door and saw my parents. “We are fine”, they said. They were fine. And they continue well.

The world keeps turning and soon everything will improve.


Estoy Bien

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