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We are running after our greed and wants.


My name is Bindu and I am 21 years old. I live with my parents and my older sister, who is mute. So, I am the only person working and making some money for the family. I am thankful to have a job at this time of uncertainty and chaos.

With the unknown situation of COVID-19, we could only hope for it to quickly pass by. What people need to realize is that it does not take much to have peaceful mind and decent food to eat. We are running after our greed and wants. Here, we have been eating local food from the village, spinach and other green leafy vegetables from the jungle near by and they taste delicious. We are thankful for the basics that are required in the right quantity to feel content.

We have enough food to eat at home as we mostly rely on farming so, most of our food and vegetables come from there. It is important for people to realize the basics are all well need to live a peaceful life.


Back To Basics


On March 24th, the Government of Nepal announced lockdown, effective to be in few hours. I was on a filming and photo assignment in Pokhara. So, I decided to make a move early morning at 4 am and the lockdown was to begin at 6am. I got a call a night before from Chitwan about the lockdown so we made up our mind to go to Chitwan instead of home in Kathmandu. Rather than being stuck in 2 rooms in our home we thought we would spend next few days in a wildlife Sanctuary owned by a dear brother of mine.

My subject, Bindu Kumal, is a housekeeper at Sarang Wildlife Sanctuary. She is a girl from local tribe called Tharu. Her distinct features, her clothing and jewelry were very interesting and it attracted me instantly. So, I chose her as my subject.


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