Dear World,

As long as the clock hands keep spinning it will matter.


¿Does it matter? I´ve chosen to write in my skin and my soul: “Yes it does.”

It matters if I keep doing my job despite the obstacles, it matters if I keep trying to connect to my family despite they are far away. It matters that my dogs exercise and play everyday even if they can't go to the park. It matters that I’m still searching for a heart. It has to matter, if it doesn't then I'm defeated and that's impossible as long as I still breath. It matters to be patient, to wake up every morning after a sleepless night because it means that there is hope. It matters if I take out my camera and risk it, and my security too, because if I don’t, then those who don't want the truth to be told will win. It matters to keep dreaming and it also matters to fail. It matters to take a rain check and it also matters to succeed. As long as the clock hands keep spinning it will matter.


I Didn’t Know There Is A Love Like That

Support this photographer: Rafael Hernandez ︎  @sincepto


About the photographer: Rafael Hernandez is a freelance photographer based in Caracas, Venezuela, specialized in political and social conflicts. He also works doing short documentaries. He has collaborate with many media, such as: VOA, BBC, CNN, NTN24, The Asahi Shimbun, DPA Agency, EFE, AFP, and others.


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