Dear World,

Conversations with my friends and family eased me.


Exactly a year ago I returned to my country Ecuador, I had lived in Argentina for ten years, they were years with beautiful moments but also difficult ones. There I built a new family made up of friends who accompanied me and helped me navigate the life of a student and then a migrant woman.

In those years I learned important life lessons. I had lost one of my best friends and in the midst of panic attacks and anxiety I retired at home. For more than two months I was scared and thought that all the violence in the city was against me, given the impossibility of going out alone, the conversations with my friends and family eased me.

Now I have friends scattered in various countries, with the majority I try to stay connected, I always miss everyone. And in these moments, where we are forced to stay at home to stay safe, their messages, their voices, and their photos help me again when uncertainty wants to breakthrough.


My Friends Save Me

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