Dear World,

One day a bee came to visit me and I was not afraid.


It was a spring day when I met Mr. George, a day of fresh sunshine just like today. He asked me if I wanted to follow him, without specifying where he was going.

When we arrived at our destination, the thing that struck me first was a constant background sound. It was the hum of the swarm of bees we had come to visit. Mr. George advanced without hesitation towards the swarms, in jeans and a t-shirt.

For weeks, he has been waiting for a family of bees to decide to live in the cork hive that he himself built.
 Then, he inserted his bare hands into that hum.

"They only sting you if they feel your fear," he said.

Five years have passed since I left my life in the Serra do Açor mountains.
 Now I live in the city. Again.

 During these endless days I spent most of my time gardening the few square meters court-yard in the apartment where I live looking for that feeling.

One day a bee came to visit me and I was not afraid.


To Bee or Not To Be

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About the photographer: I normally work together with Giulia Angrisani as a filmaker and visual anthropologist. We believe storytelling and participated creative process can change human life and values helping to build a different world.


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