Dear World,

I wear my skin as my apparel and my apparel as a mere expression.


Once upon a time if you asked me to get in front of the camera, I definitely would not. But this is in the past and was once. Now things are changing…

It was back in 2018, when I made the decision to actively work on changing my past narrative. It began with me putting myself out there, getting comfortable in front of the camera and doing me! The absolute turning point was when I decided to go for a sort of ‘casting’: the only information I had was that the photographer was looking for females of all ages in Nairobi, so I took a leap and sent in my application.

I was called the next day and told I had been selected for the first interview bit. Thereafter what followed was filling in a questionnaire about yourself. This really forced me to find deeper meaning as to why I initially decided to try my luck out, putting myself out there and applying for the casting. Soon after, what followed was nearly impossible for me to believe. I got ‘the email’.

That year marked a significant turning point. This was the first time I got to truly do me and express myself outwardly to the world. For once, I began believing in myself. Although I’m still not there fully, I’m learning to always believe in myself, my potential and my skills. I have gained an unmatched sense of freedom that continually grows. I wear my skin as my apparel and my apparel as a mere expression. Day by day knowing that I will be judged and that is fine as it is my form of expression and we are all uniquely different.


Doing Me

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To mumzo, you encouraging me to do more and do better is what keeps me going. Thank you for never giving up on me and always pushing me to pass greater heights and my limits. Thank you for being open, for listening to me and your constant support. Thank you mum for reminding me constantly that I am unbound and so is my uniqueness. I love you!


My turning point to the world and most importantly affirming myself was being apart of this project: See me under “contentment”

Find more images of me highlighted here


Fast forward to today, I am much more confident in my skin and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I second guess myself and question my purpose especially now seeing as I am confined to my home. It has been uncomfortable at times, but I’m learning to get comfortable with it, allow it, embrace and unpack it. I am currently following a lot of my inspirations on social media closely as I try to break this creative block I feel I have been in since the beginning of this year and more so during this quarantine period. As soon as I came across Dear World, I knew I had to apply and put all my doubts aside.

I thank my friend and one of my inspirations for introducing you to me. For encouraging me to participate and for supporting me endlessly.


Credits :
Accessories worn on my submissions by Theresia Kyalo

Metal Artwork on my wall by Theresia Kyalo

‘You reaching’ artwork by Mutua Matheka


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