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The current COVID-19 crisis is making us question the validity of a system built on complacency.


I remember a thought that came to mind when I first became independent from my parents as a teenager: A sudden realization that our survival in life depended on our ability to make money.

I pondered on the senselessness and cruelty of this fact. I wondered how us humans had built and accepted to be ruled by a system that is so deeply unjust to those that are released into the world without monetary support, or the possibility to make money due to a lack of physical or mental ability to keep up with society’s money making demands. A society that admires those who have, even though they more often than not have done nothing to earn the privileges they live with. But, most importantly, a society that is accepting and supportive of not sharing our good fortune with those who do not have it or cannot make it for themselves.

The current Covid-19 crisis is taking the world by storm, and threatening lives indiscriminately, without consideration of wealth or status. It is making us think about the value of the lives of those who are older, weaker, and poorer all over the world.

It is making us wonder the validity of a system that is built on complacency. A system that values arrogance and encourages competition over co-operation. A system that would rather privatize public goods, built over generations of hard work by populations duly sharing some of their earnings when things go well for them so others can live more decent lives as well. A system that believes it’s ok to bail out banks and multi-national corporations with public money when those same businesses avoid contributing to the public good pot by setting tax havens…


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