Dear World,

Even if war is called today I’ll never bend or break


The sound of sirens answers him, even when denying their call

The draft under the doorway is plugged with a guest towel from the linen closet

The chemical smell violates my senses, he reaps of Hedley

He hears the wailing sopranos, begging for tenure

Nourish me in the water, warm me with your beams

Tell me that you love me, affection is all I need

When the winter comes, be my remedy

I’m blinded by the light

Just like the leaves on a willow tree I know tonight the sun will fade, it’s cool I still got mine

And even if war is called today I’ll never bend or break

The storm will pass us by

When the will lowes, the willows will grow.


The Siren Calls

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Eric Payne is a Cleveland, OH native currently based in New York City. Eric studied in New York where he concentrated on Sociology and Fine Art Photography. Eric's work continues to be a visual platform for civic engagement, discourse, and kinships through interdisciplinary creative explorations and community engagement, changing the way we engage in these relevant conversations outside of electoral politics. In Fine Art, Eric has performed alongside Solange Knowles for " An Ode To" an interdisciplinary performance that took place at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. His philosophy as an Art Educator is to Serve, Teach, and Project the tools in art-making as essential tools that initiate a dialogue on important issues of the day and develop a language to be discussed and dissected by his viewers.


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