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Dear World,

It would be 6 am on a school day.


I’d get dressed, brush my teeth, eat some Cinnamon Toast Crunch and be at school by 6:50 so that I could play basketball with my friends before classes began. Though I’m one of the smaller kids, I’m better than most. My friends struggle to guard me and their height is the only challenge I face. But still I make buckets.

The last time I played with my friends was over a month ago. And ever since my brother moved, my friends have been my main way to play the game I love with others. Now after my online classes I have to play in my backyard by myself or with other family members who don’t really ball like I do. I’ve been working on my fundamentals hardcore waiting for the day I can play with my friends again. Until then I’ll be solo ballin’.


Backyard B-ball


A message from the photographer:

I’ve lived and done almost everything I could in my life with Kevin since the day he was born. We took photos, traveled to other parts of the world, and most importantly played basketball. He would never stop playing; even when we had all the family over for a BBQ. Since moving from my family home, all he would text me about was wanting to play basketball with me. And when he shared this story of missing playing with his friends I truly understood where he was coming from. So I asked him if he wanted to participate in this project. Once he said yes the rest came naturally. After all, all we do is take photos and play basketball.

Christopher Cruz
Queens, NY


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