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Dear World,

When I think about home it reminds me of where I’ve been and where I am today.


Born a Cali boy, I moved to Hawaii in my 20's to be a surfer, after chasing waves for 5 years I headed to Atlanta to build homes with my brother and I’ve been here ever since. The definition of home for me today does not mean cozy or relaxed. I'm dividing my time between home improvement projects, learning how to edit video, marketing my vegan popsicles & establishing my creative eye. Somewhere in between that, I'm finding my definition of zen. For me, to be home is not a state of rest but rather being pumped to get 50 million things done. Home isolation equals the discipline needed for me to maintain zen by eliminating the world’s daily distractions...


Navigatable Chaos


A message from the photographer:

Steve was pumped to be a part of it because he is interested in learning lighting and video. He mentioned that he enjoyed being a part of my creative process and seeing how I work through a photo shoot. He helped me set up the room while I lit it for the camera. He also enjoyed the Dear World facilitation (I chatted with him the night before our shoot to discuss the perameters - location, ink on skin, and digging deeper into the meaning of the message). This provided us with a pretty straightforward plan when we connected to shoot. We knew where to set up, what to write, and had a general idea of how we might approach the portrait.

Eley, M.F.A.

It took us 1 hour of pre-production, about 3 hours to shoot + 2 hours getting the finals done +1 hour to create the street video of me. All in all completed this in 7-8 hours.

Had to stay 6' away from each other. Strangers may be weary of this. He and I are both being pretty germ conscious at this time so it didn't bother us much...

No other trials to report as I already had the supplies to write on him and knew the process from previous DW training.


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